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Any trappers here?

Started by ferocious calls, April 19, 2023, 11:57:26 AM

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ferocious calls

Just wondering how many of you turkey hunters are trapping for the turkeys benefit?


Many of us.

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I would think the majority of land owners and leaseholders are probably doing predator management these days

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2 years ago I trapped a small property and I took out 6 coyotes, 21 fox and unknown incidental catches of coon and possums. Our turkey population appears to have doubled.


I would love to get into trapping but I don't have the time to check trap lines everyday

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Quote from: eddie234 on April 22, 2023, 09:38:25 PM
I would love to get into trapping but I don't have the time to check trap lines everyday

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It's definitely a lot of work...especially if you have a job.


Yep !!!

I was out of it for a lotta years due to work.  Got back in the game this past season a little bit.  But I plan a bit more of an all-out assault for the benefit of my turkeys THIS year.
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Beginner trapper here. Been catching the crap outta coons and possums the last 3 years. Killed two toms this year and saw a group of 6 Jakes. Baby steps, but it's a start.


Started trapping several years ago. I enjoy trapping coyotes, fox and bobcats. I focus on coons and possums before and during nesting season. I definitely feel like our turkey population benefits from it some. 

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El Pavo Grande

I started more seriously the last 3 years and stepped it up a lot this past January - early March.  I would like to extend that more leading up to nesting but it's hard to maintain with family and work obligations.  A friend and I trap together on some timber leases this year.  I don't get to hunt on those, but any benefit to local area turkeys is worth it for me personally.   We removed a good number and mix of coyotes, bobcats, fox, coons, possums, and skunks.  I really enjoy it.  It's a big effort and time commitment.


Absolutely! Mostly catching coons & possums. Hogs are an issue but haven't been too successful trapping them...yet!

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Still trapping some, but not nearly as much as I used to due to beyond poor fur prices unfortunately. I'm pretty sure everyone else in the area has given it up for that reason as well. Fox are all but nonexistent, but the coyotes seem to have taken the country over. Coon and possum..... good grief, there everywhere. The last few years I've seen a decrease in turkey population because of the increase predator population. Almost wish the DNR would bring back the Coyote Bounty.
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Started trapping coons and possum last 3 years


Several years now.  We run about 50-60 traps on our land immediately after deer season to reduce numbers before spring nesting.


Virginia lets us use cell cameras to check our traps. If you search, you can find good cameras for 70 bucks.. To me, its made a world of difference in all aspects of trapping.