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Night Vision Scope

Started by Notsoyoungturk, April 07, 2022, 09:52:59 PM

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Coyotes seem to be everywhere on our property.  Have killed a few in the daylight but would like to do some night shooting.  Any recommendations on night vision scopes?
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Don't own one (yet) but the ATN Thor looks to be what I will go with when my finances line up.

Seems to be well-featured and of a decent weight for the money.
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Bought the ATN X-4k pro , uses infrared light, but also can be used in daylight. Haven't  finished sighting in yet, seams ok , limited to 100 +- yds, thermals are the best for night, but expense. A good thermal runs 5000. Need a suppressor 1st. Another expensive hobby.
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Have you seen the Pulsar Thermion? It's thermal, so not sure if you'd be interested. For strictly night vision, you should look at the Sightmark Wraith HD. It's the first one shown here —> https://southeasternbowhunting.com/best-night-vision-scope-for-coyote-hunting/