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turkeys for tomorrow

Payback for a Friend

Started by harleytom, April 18, 2023, 07:23:14 PM

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One of my old LA (lower Alabama for those that don't know) hunting buddies comes north to hunt with me annually. He lives in Mobile area and doesn't have access to good turkey ground up there. We have chased these NW Bama birds for the past 4 or 5 years without any luck. He has been a person who's advice I've always looked to as he was a turkey killer when I first started chasing this obsession. He took me hunting with him many times and I killed my largest AL turkey on his hunting spot many years ago. He came up last Friday and we started our annual quest to get him on a gobbler. Friday was a quiet day and Saturday wasn't much better but we did see a few hens and heard some gobbles off our property. Sunday he was under the weather and we didn't go out. He was due to go home Monday and we decided to try a quick morning hunt on my cousin's place. I took my cousin with me and he went to the other end of the property. I had to come out by 9 to go to work and I texted him to let him know I was headed in. He said he was working a bird and was gonna stay a few more minutes. About 30 minutes later he sent me this picture. Felt good to see my old friend break a long drought and repay in part all he's done for me over the years.

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Congrats to your friend and I hope the good karma follows you this season!
Print by Madison Cline, on Flickr


Great story, kudos my friend....
"Solo hunter"


Great story and congrats to your friend!



Awesome stuff. Gotta love when it comes together like that!