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turkeys for tomorrow

First time out this year

Started by Spladle160, April 10, 2023, 09:31:33 PM

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My family and I went down to my uncles farm for Easter and I managed to get out with my 12yo son twice. On Saturday it was upper thirties but we started warming up real quick when it sounded like there were abut 6 different turkey gobbling on the roost within a coupe hundred yards. Unfortunately my son decided not to take my advice and bring one of my turkey chairs and chose to sit on the cold wet ground so he was miserable in short order. I still managed to call what I thought was a hen about 60 yards up from the "wrong" side of our set up. when she was about 30 feet away I realized she was a he with about a 1.5" beard. I told my son he could shoot it if he wanted but by the time he turned with it that close it ducked into the brush which was fine by me. we stuck it out for another 20 minute or so until 7:45 when we were starting to get up to leave but I saw a small group crossing a path headed out way 100 yards away or so with a few in 1/4 strut. Sure enough they made their way to us and popped out of the brush repeatedly just to duck back in from 40 to bout 15 yards. 2 were massive Toms. I probably could have shot on but they were far from setting up strutting and I'm pretty sure had us half made. They eventually left after getting in a little tiff and blowing up a gobble right behind us which was pretty funny.
This morning I decided to set up  in a clearing closer to where the gobblers had come from. It was 29 when we got out of the truck but I had high hopes since I had wrangled a chair and put together a better blind. unfortunately I think the clearing was a little too close. Then was a hen roosted directly overhead who flew off in the dark after about 5 minutes and we never heard anything after that but headed out pretty early with the cold and needing to get home.
The good news is my son seems to be genuinely interested in hunting with me and I think we'll get out a few times later this week with him on spring break and me hitting some awful traffic going into work ;)
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Great that you were able to get your son around some birds, if he killed that 1st one, he probably except to kill a bird every time out. Keep after them, your in the game! Thanks for the update. Hope your son is successful!
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Great to get him out in the woods and that he seemed to like it.
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