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28GA Builds

Started by NightHawk24, April 03, 2023, 04:56:27 PM

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Looking into building a 28 gauge for turkey hunting. Was looking into the Mossberg SA-28 but have heard and seen that it has had some feeding issues with some shells. Just wondering what guns you guys have liked and had good luck with. Appreciate all the help and replies.


I have an older SA-28 and my wife shoots a newer one. Zero feed or ejection issues with target ammo, target reloads and TSS hand loads. IC .520 for me and IC .525 for her. Handloaded TSS #9's. Dead ringer fiber optics. Done and Done. We love them. Z


I have a SA-28 compact that I had drilled and tapped. I installed a Vortex Venom, Limbsaver slip on pad and an IC .520. Never had any issues feeding TSS handloads. I use 1 3/8 oz and 1 5/8 oz of 9 or 9.5 and the patterns are awesome! Probably have shot 50 or more shells through it.


A400 xplor 26in Jebs ported full waterfowl. Meadow creek mount and king slayer.
Foxtrot cherry bomb #9s 1.5oz

My bros

A400 xplor 28in trulock .526 meadow creek Burris ff3 foxtrot cherry bombs 1.5oz #9s

The .526 is a good bit tighter then the full Jebs, but I saw 2 fall to it last weekend.

cutt down

SA-28 with .525 Indian Creek & Vortex Venom. My wife has taken this one from me....lol! Drilled & tapped. She shoots Apex Ninjas in it with no cycling issues. I have tried another shell that didn't want to cycle. Seems the SA's can have a smaller chamber in some but still within tolerance. Absolutely no issues with the Apex but the others didn't want to feed into the chamber as smoothly.

Spring Creek Calls

I also have a SA-28 and have had no cycling issues with any type of ammo. The link below is the model I have.

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2017  Buckeye Challenge Long Box 5th Place
2018  Mountain State Short Box 2nd Place
2019  Mountain State Short Box 1st Place
2019  NWTF Great Lakes Scratch Box 4th Place
2020 NWTF GNCC Amateur 5th Place Box
2021 Mountain State 3rd Place Short Box
2021 SE Callmakers 1st & 2nd Short Box
E-mail: gobblez@aol.com
Website: springcreekturkeycalls.weebly.com


Indian creek .520 with tristar pistol grip and meadow creek mount.  Love mine!  Seems to cycle my hand loads.  Really only thing I have tried.

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Stevens 555 Youth is 5#.


Roost 1

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