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Vintage Federal "Premium" Turkey 3" 2 oz. 7 1/2

Started by WildTigerTrout, April 03, 2023, 10:33:28 AM

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I look for these at every gun show I attend. Found my first 3 boxes in 2012. Then 2 more in 2018.  Lucked out last Saturday and found 2 more full boxes at a gun show that I debated about going to as it was over 2 hours away. Glad I went now.  These were manufactured IIRC from about 1992 to 1997. This stuff is really scarce and hard to find.  It took me over ten years to find what I have.  Really NASTY stuff though. Patterns are flat out AWESOME in my Rem. 870SM  with Remington's own factory(.655) Ventilator tube.

I know some of you fellows on here have used these shot shells in the past.  Any good stories to tell using them? I believe Ray Eye may have been responsible for increasing their popularity as I know he used them at one time.
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Still have two boxes of them and shoot them out of a Rem870/ Hastings .655. Brutal on the turkey inside 35yds. Have a friend in the call business that still uses them as well.


back in the day they were bad out of my Mossberg 500
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Greg Massey

Great find, those older 2 oz loads are just awesome shells ...


Great find!  Man would I like to come across some of those for my 870.


Those were my 'go-to' load for many years out of a 21in 870. 


I think I have a box of 3.5" 6s still. Possibly more than one.
Looking to buy Allen Dunfee scratch boxes.


If you were going through that much trouble, why didn't you just load your own?


I handload all my rifle and handgun ammo but not shot shell.  I don't shoot enough to make that worthwhile.
Deer see you and think you are a stump. The Old Gobbler sees a stump and thinks it is YOU!


Most shotgun powders make really good handgun powders. I know you already found the ammo you want, but for anyone reading, these are not hard to make. There's not a ton of true 2 ounce load data out there, but there's plenty of 1 7/8 oz in a 3". I mostly hunt with blackpowder now, but one of my favorites for smokeless is a 1 7/8 oz load with bluedot powder, which also works phenominal in full power 9mm luger, 10mm auto, 357 magnum, 44 magnum, etc. It is even great in 45 acp if you like full power ammo (not 230gr at 830fps). Federal 3" hulls are a little pricy, but a single bag of 100 should do a turkey hunter well. Buy new hulls, roll crimp them, no press needed. You can even buy them pre-primed. Just use #7.5 shot instead of bigger shot, easy as that. In a week you could order and load more #7.5 turkey loads than you could locate old Federal loads in a lifetime.


Here is a load you can put together today with no special equipment needed. It is listed with a fold crimp, but you can safely add a 12 gauge overshot card and roll crimp it. All you would need is a roll crimper and a drill of some kind. This is very similar to a load I've been shooting for many years, it works really good.

12ga 3" Fiocchi
Fiocchi 616 primer
34gr Bluedot (I'd try 32 gr)
1 7/8 oz lead shot
BPI original buffer
fold crimp