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Ol' Tom Stretch Tech Pants 3XL Obsession

Started by backcast88, March 28, 2023, 10:21:43 AM

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Selling a pair of 3XL stretch tech pants by Ol' Tom.  Obsession camo pattern.  Tags are still on them.  I bought them last year and ordered the wrong size.  I ended up moving and did not return them in time to where I bought them.

Asking $70 shipped

Big Jeremy

Check out the classified rules. Keep posting, and start selling things once you meet the qualifications. OG is a great place to be!

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Here are the rules for you, you are in violation of number 5 as well as number  which I have made in bold and underlined for you. You can only ask $4.00 for these at this time. We hope you stick around and get those posts up but at this time you need to take the post down or you will be banned.

From this day forward January 1 2019 ....

To finally end the the never ending BS with these low post  folks doing "hit and run" classifieds scams , and we dont have any misunderstandings , there are some new rules and they are all common sense rules

1) PayPal on everything.....and not "friend/gift " transfer....if you wish to have your OG account deleted , just let me see a screen shot of you asking for " f
Gift" money transfer with no PayPal protection and I will delete your account faster than I click off the safety of my Remington-- the only loophole is if the seller is a bonafide callmaker and does this professionally --It is entirely up to the sellers discretion if they will accept a cashier's check or postal money order instead of PayPal

2)Members with less than quality 100 posts , may only have 1 running classifieds ad running at any given  time ... the reasons for this rule are obvious ...

3)Members with less than 100 posts MAY NOT DO CALL TRADES IN ANY MANNER that pretty much ends 98% of the call trade BS right there...

4)No member ....even of you have 10,000 posts can trade a call with any  member with less than 100 posts no way of getting around it guys ...

This is not a place to unload busted calls and haul a$$ ...the people doing this are doing quick "hit and runs" and dont care if they burn you ...if its too good to be true...IT IS

5) Members with 50 or less QUALITY posts on top of only being to have one ad at a time can only sell a item equal or less than thier post count ...so if you have N. Cost box call and you have 48 posts ....you have 2 options Start posting to the forum ...or ask $48 for the call ...

6) pictures....take plenty.... more is better , ask for more if unsure ...good pictures sell calls and items ....ask to have the call run BEFORE buying

7) shipping ....its up to the seller and buyer to discuss details and courier --if your call got destroyed or lost  in transit then the insurance that the buyer is responsible for asking for will cover it ....if it was part of a call trade then ask for your item back as that was the currency for the transaction ...minus shipping & insurance fees (both ways )

8. ) DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES buy anything from a add without a picture....(I dont want to see any of this ask for details or pm for picture) .if you see a classifieds add without a picture,  PM me......if they have less than 100 posts DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM

9) FIRM price....so we dont end up like Ebay with thousands of pieces of plastic junk clogging up the forum

10) pay quick...ship quick ....all transactions are pay up front..get all contact info and details , Google the ph#  and address to make sure its legit....if it looks sketchy.....then it is...

11) No firearms ....I get asked all the time ...no more guys..no notifications etc...or asking to make a post selling it elsewhere .... felons acquire firearms like this...also all its gonna take is a undercover/plainclothes to try and set you up do not even , notify , hint, or ask permission to sell a firearm ..if you PM me asking to make a post I'll simply ignore it and if I see you place a add for a firearm your account will be deleted

..also its up to the shipper and buyer to know all local laws pertaining to ammunition and firearm parts and know if your in full compliance

..also no ivory guys....dont want to hear or hint about it ...if it's not fully legal ...its not to be talked or done here

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