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turkeys for tomorrow

Weekend scouting report

Started by cannonball, April 03, 2023, 11:24:29 AM

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I went over to my Uncle's farm this weekend to set up my blind and scout some new adjoining property he had just purchased. We put my blind up at the edge of a large field where he had seen them recently and then looked over the new land since it had been divided up and didn't show the new property lines on my onX hunt map yet. We walked back to his house and a few seconds later heard a gobble. I walked down towards the bottom where the turkey was and he proceeded to gobble his head off. I stayed there about 20 minutes well hidden hoping to catch a glimpse of the turkey. I don't know how many times he gobbled but it had to be well over 50. I took a 2 minute video and counted 11 gobbles when I reviewed the video after I got home. We also saw 2 toms and 8 hens up in the pasture about 70 yards from where my blind was shortly after hearing the one gobble in the bottom. I thought one of the toms might have been the one I heard earlier in the bottom but I walked back down there and after about 5 minutes he gobbled again so there's at least three toms on the property now. I've got 12 more days before season opens and things are looking good right now.


Man, nothing gets your heart going like hearing gobbles in your hunting grounds, before or during season. I hope that we will see an upside down gobbler with a spent yellow shell somewhere in the photo. Go get them!

Cheers  ;D


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