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Your Best Value Turkey Call

Started by Zobo, January 11, 2023, 10:07:01 AM

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I agree with the Preston Pittman Flap n Scratch. In addition to scratching I also use mine to sound like wings flapping as a turkey flying down off the limb.


Quote from: Greg Massey on January 11, 2023, 10:38:30 AM
The best value call and the first ceramic pot I ever bought was Jim Shelley that i got back many many years ago, It's ceramic over glass in a cherry pot. It's some of the old darker ceramic and I paid like 35 dollars for the call... It goes with me on all hunting trips and has helped in killing several gobblers over the years.. All these years all I've had to do to condition the ceramic is rub it with a piece of Scotch - Brite pad and keep the striker tip clean..

I understand completely! I just bought one from him in a holly pot and paired it with a holly striker sound awesome and the going rate in 2023? A whopping $45 and he still using the old darker ceramic. Honestly I'd have paid the $45 for the pleasure of getting to chat with him for 20 minutes or so at the convention


I would have to add a Ralph Permar Improved Jordan yelper. I got one in the mail today and it's full of turkey. Definitely will get hunted.


I do have an array of custom calls and they can play. However....  My first pot I will always pull out will be my go to. It's a 6/7 dollar Knight & Hale Glass Hammer, I got it in a clearance bin at Cabela's and the birds love it.
"If You Call Them,They Will Come."