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Is it too late for a 2022 upgrade (fall Gobbler)

Started by eggshell, October 26, 2022, 10:58:29 AM

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Filled my fall tag with one of my best gobblers ever today. Can I still upgrade my team score ? It does just say 2022 contest.

19 pounds
1.5 inch spurs
13.25 inch beard

That should be about 75.5 points

Before anyone get's bent out of shape...I'm just kidding


PM JeffC the captain of the Scattered Flock, we have an opening on our team. I'm sure we can take you in under our wing and fit you in our final tally.  :happy0064: , nice bird buy the way, congratulations.
Print by Madison Cline, on Flickr


Yes Sir Mr. eggshell,

congrats on a nice one, you'r on a fall gobbler roll