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Author Topic: Newbie, overwhelmed by calls!!  (Read 1577 times)

Offline Zobo

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Re: Newbie, overwhelmed by calls!!
« Reply #15 on: July 16, 2022, 10:33:35 AM »
Turkey hunting is Extremely fun but frustrating at the same time.  Learning to call, when to call and when to be quite is just part of the Battle.  I believe SETUP is 75 to 90% of turkey hunting.  If you are hunting areas that hold birds, you are in the game.  Scouting is a very BIG part of the Setup process.  If you see birds, know their travel routes and know where they tend to go, you can plan your Setup accordingly and you will up your odds of getting birds within range.  As others have said, learn to use the calls you have WITH CONFIDENCE (Practice, Practice and Practice some more).  Get a small tape recorder and listen to yourself until you have the Confidence that you sound like a Hen.  Scout early next spring!  Know where the birds are and where their travel routes are.  Put these 2 things together and your Frustration factor will go way down and your Fun factor will climb exponentially.  Remember FUN doesn't always mean Killing a Bird, that is Icing on the Cake.  Good Luck!

    I agree 100% with this good advice. Finding good turkey habitat is the path to success. Gobblenut talks about the 4 Ws, the "where" is probably the most important. 90% of the fish hold in 10% of the water. You'll catch fish with fried chicken if you sitting right on top of them. Don't get too worried about the "bait", the calling. Turkeys can be very forgiving of bad calling, take it from someone who knows,lol!
   But calling is at the heart of the sport, and finding calls you love is an aspect we turkey hunters love, so don't deny yourself that fun.  We talk about it ad nauseum and pretend the calls matter more than they really do. It's an indulgence we allow ourselves to have particularly on this forum.
    So after all that, to answer your question, I always recommend the same call to all beginners: get an SS box call, one that looks the coolest to you, because no matter what anyone tells you, looks do matter, and every box the Shoemakers craft will definitely, without question, and with relatively little practice, call in gobblers. It'll get you right in the game while you figure out how to run a yelper over the next 30
years.  :toothy12:
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Offline Sir-diealot

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Re: Newbie, overwhelmed by calls!!
« Reply #16 on: July 17, 2022, 09:26:09 AM »
Kayl did you ever end up getting yourself a box call?
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Online Greg Massey

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Re: Newbie, overwhelmed by calls!!
« Reply #17 on: August 31, 2022, 01:26:10 PM »
My suggestion, put those store bought calls in a drawer and buy you some GOOD custom build calls and become proficient on those custom calls. You will enjoy those calls a lot more and learn a lot more from these type calls. Another great aspect of getting custom calls is getting to know and talk with the builders. We all have done what you have done and that's buy those store bought calls and now most of these calls are just in a drawer, box or whatever... Pretty much everyone who has posted to your post has custom calls now ... ask them why they have custom calls , the reason why they SOUND, PLAY and have more turkeys in these custom calls...

Offline mountainhunter1

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Re: Newbie, overwhelmed by calls!!
« Reply #18 on: September 23, 2022, 12:50:52 PM »
My advice, get a reasonably priced , GOOD box call.
Nathan Taylor makes a good one and you normally don’t have wait long for it. Jody Harrison “Preacherman” should be able to get you something in a reasonable amount of time. Derek Tereza makes a great one but he’s been really busy recently. There are a lot of good call makers.
Expect to pay $100-200 for one. Taken care of, it’ll last you a lifetime.
The other cal I’d get, and be proficient with is a good mouth diaphragm. Pecker Wrecker is good. Woodhaven also good. Before getting a mouth call, I’d get a diagnostic kit from Calling All Turkeys. That’ll tell you what cut suits you. You can go from there.
That’s it but practice with real turkey sounds ( you can find them on the web).
Mostly though, it’s practice and listening to real hens.
If the price of s box is a little out of your range, a Primos Box cutter is a really good sounding box.
Bottom line, listen to real hens. Do what they do.
Don’t give up. Even if you’re not a great caller, birds will come to you. The better you get, the easier it will be to fool them.

That is good all around advice. If Nathan or a Preacherman is a bit out of your price range, you can do really well with a SS Customs money box or a Spring Creek Short box. Jeff White is also a bit cheaper than Nathan and some others higher priced mentioned. Jim Shelley from South Carolina makes a handmade one piece box call in several options for even less that which will kill every bird you encounter if you do your part.

Good advice as well to master a diaphragm. You do not need twenty, just get one or two (the diagnostic kit is worth the money to know what fits your mouth) and learn the one or two you decide work for you.

A good slate pot is hard to beat, and you don't need twenty of them even though many on here fall for that call buying sickness. Again, for the money, Jim Shelley makes a good walnut slate pot for around fifty bucks. Buster can probably get you a plain quarter sawn walnut for around 65-70 dollars and it will kill every bird you meet. The cherry slate from Hollaran for around 65 dollars is good enough for everyone on here as well. Nathan Taylor is also in that same price range. And these are good guys to deal with. They will treat you right and answer your questions.

As said above, listen to hens - go on you tube if needed and listen to videos of them posted on line. And lastly, you need to exalt all the patience you have. Patience and also where you set up (as state by some of the other members on here), will kill more birds than GREAT world class calling. Some of the worst calling I ever heard was real hens, so don't be afraid to call when in the woods. If the cadence is pretty good, the sound will work itself out. The more you do it, you will find yourself pretty proficient soon enough.