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Author Topic: .410's day out.....  (Read 442 times)

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.410's day out.....
« on: April 16, 2022, 04:50:24 PM »
I went today and did some sighting in and patterning with 3 of my .410's. I only have access to Federal Tss #9. The guns I shot were ....I ran a bore snake through 2 times after each shot for all guns.

-Cva Scout/jebs/red-green dot

-Mossberg 500/stock xfull/reflex

-Rem 870 tss/stock xfull/truglo peep sight

I shot my guns at 12 yards with 2.5" #8's to get the red dot and reflex sight "close".

I shot the Rem 870 tss at 12 yards with a red dot but for some reason,my battery was very dim, so I grew real tired of that quickly and took it off, and I shot the truglo peep sight that comes stock on gun, I never had to adjust it, until I shot at 40 yards and I was high, so I adjusted it down a tad.

I took 3 boxes of Federal tss #9's with me just in case, I had a nightmare to get guns dialed in, I had to fire 4 from the mossberg 500 .410 to get it correct, as it shot really high at 40 yards, but I am happy at 40 yards, this gun patterns very well with this shell and stock choke,way more than I would need to 45 yards, I didn't and wont count pellets. I adjusted all my guns a little after I shot the last time. I was not touching off more tss,when I don't need too, as It's damn near impossible to find any up here, yet I came across the Federal tss #9 in .410?...I bought 6 boxes when I got home, just before this post, 6 boxes,taxes and shipping cost me......

Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS .410ga/3" #9 Tungston Box/5

6   $ 47.95   $ 287.70
Subtotal   $ 336.11
Shipping method ( Purolator)   $ 48.41
Sales Tax   $ 43.69
Total   $ 379.80

I think I bought the last 6, but I don't care, I'll have it for my guns when they become legal to use,hopefully next season, or two.

I ended up firing 9 tss shells from 3 guns, I still have 6 shells, and 6 boxes on the way.

I am not a numbers guy, I am not a tinkerer if I find a shell,choke and pattern I can kill with, and I am confident with. I have to say after everything I read I figured, I may as well throw these shells away but all 3 guns would kill gobblers to 40-45 yards with stock chokes and these shells. I am sure if I could find other shells,I would test but I am confident in these guns and these setups.

I only shot at 40 yards with all 3 guns, I did shoot 1 tss shell from the rem 870 at 25 yards and it was the size of a softball, a little bigger.

I am extremely happy with all 3 guns, I don't have a favorite and I still have a stevens 301 .410 that I bought as well in bottomland,but I'll wait to shoot that and set it up,maybe next spring.

I tried to get good pictures,hard to see, the Rem is a little high,the Mossberg a little to right,I adjusted these after I shot, these are all at 40 yards. There is probably a magic shell out there that would be better, but I have the confidence in all 3 to hunt and kill with no issues when I can legally use these. I am sticking with it.

I was very much surprised they patterned this well. I have seen better online,but for being the only shell, I can find, and with stock chokes. I enjoyed my afternoon shooting these little guns, I also shot a few 20's and a 12 gauge after I was done.

I will set these aside and concentrate on my last 3 guns to finish patterning next saturday, and then season starts on Monday the 25th.

Enjoy the spring woods, I am going too!!

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