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turkeys for tomorrow

Who's hunting where this season?

Started by RutnNStrutn, March 24, 2022, 01:08:03 PM

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I'm in SC right now, and am hitting the woods tomorrow. I start in my new home state of Tennessee in early April, then taking a trip to S. Dakota and Wyoming in May. Me and my hunting partner are driving there, so we're hoping to pick up a hunt on the way out or back. If you guys know of any opportunities between SD and Tennessee, please drop me a PM.  :icon_thumright:
With any luck, I can cross 3 more states off my list this spring!!  :turkey2:
How 'bout y'all?  :funnyturkey:


West Tennessee in a small town called Grand Junction.  Unfortunately, no long distance trips planned this year.
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Texas, Florida, Maryland and New York
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Quote from: Thebody on March 26, 2022, 12:37:38 AM
Texas, Florida, Maryland and New York
You're 2-0 so far!! Hope you go 4-0!!

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