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Author Topic: South Central Il  (Read 341 times)

Offline JWC56

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South Central Il
« on: February 15, 2023, 11:37:04 PM »
South Central IL I 70 corridor.
Tom’s are tree gobbling early. Heard 10-15 throaty gobbles this morning. Limited ground gobbling. 
Tom’s are still roosted and running in bachelor groups but are beginning to display when around hens. Bachelor groups of 10-15 birds still remain and sparring evident mid morning to early afternoon. 
Hens, Jenny’s and Jake’s are still flocked up.
Suspect winter flock bust up will start soon as warming trend is forecasted.
Right now I know of three family groupings I observe around food sources still winter flocked consisting of 40-50 birds.
 Historically these grouping bust up starts last week of February around here. I’d say we are on average pace of breakup.
Stable to raising barometer today with bright Sunny high and temps 40-60 degrees.
Our season starts 4/3 around here.