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turkeys for tomorrow

2022 Turkey TEAM Contest Registration Thread

Started by Old Gobbler, February 06, 2022, 08:41:15 AM

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Old Gobbler

                                2022 Turkey Contest TEAM Registration Thread

This is how it works for the 2022 Contest - If a group of individuals{up to 12} want to get together and form a team or the basis of one - this is the instructions to do so----

1) Coordinate amongst your selves and select 1 temporary Captain that will post 1 time to this thread

2) Your Captain and the Captain only  will list  all the team members  to be on your team on this thread - You will not have to register at all to the contest the captain will do it for you  Please keep the post to just the team members { including captain as one of the 12} {screen name only }and a temporary team name if you have that

3) If you want to register to the contest and want to be randomly placed on a team ,about 50% of the contestants choose this option- stop now and go register to the Random registration thread and I will assign you and other like minded random individuals to a team - you will get to hunt and make new friends this way - its fun  -

4)If you posted to the Random thread and now have now joined a team - edit your post on the random thread  to indicate and delete your picture off that thread so that you don't end up on 2 teams

5)Do not use this thread as a Hail Call to recruit members - only Captains are to use it to list their team members- I will be using this thread to make the roster - I will have to delete all posts that are hail calls or recruiting - to keep this thread simple and easy to organize

6) The Captain will update his team roster if needed - I will finalize your team roster towards spring, this thread and the members listed by your Captain will be your team or the basis to your team -  if you need more members I will add random members -

7  ) There is no post count or picture requirement for the TEAM registration thread - it is up to the team/captain to decide who plays on their team , make darn sure your members will follow through - there will be no adjustments or changes made to the roster after this thread is locked   ]

8 ) Easy on the banners!!!  No billboards guys, make them modest is size - if you have a older photobucket link that's bad....kindly remove the broken  link out of your profile and replace it with a text in your signing with your team name until you find another host for your banner

revised for 2019....  team members need to post their own individual pictures to the team score thread and do it on a timely manner, soon after the kill  , pictures not posted by members need to be reposted asap -- this s to ensure there are no fake member profiles and there is no shenanigans

The Team captain must be a member with at least 6 months membership(minimum) and at least (quality )200 posts in the last calendar year

At least  50% of any team must have a minimum of 50 posts or more per member to form a team

A son/daughter from the same houshold may register to play the contest , but they must have a minimum of 50 posts prior to registering to the contest

:wave:  OG .....DRAMA FREE .....



2022 Guns N' Hoses  :police: :firefighter:
1 - RutnNStrutn (team captain)
2 - Hayudog
3 - Trackeysaurous Rex
4 - Mountainburd
5 - Deputy 14
6 - The Body
7 - Twowithone
8 - WildSpur
9 - Suburbhunter
10 - Will
11 - Dr Juice
12 - Bclarke

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2022 Roaring 20's Team Roster

1.   FullChoke (Team Cap'n)
2.   BBR12
3.   3seasons
4.   Xarcher
5.   PaintBrush
6.   Mightyjoeyoung
7.   zelmo1
8.   Yelpaholic
9.   TKE921
10.  hennedup
11.  Kygobblergetter
12.  turkeyhunter91

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.


2022 Team Spur Collectors

12-WNY Bowhunter


Drum Roll, Please...


The GOATS!! (Goofy Old Aggravating Turkey Shooters)
                                           or  (Grumpy Old Aggravated Turkey Specialists)
                                           ...or    (Grumpy Old Authentic Turkey Specialists)
...Don't worry, we'll make up our minds eventually...whatever it is, we'll still be The GOATS!   ;D
  1.  GobbleNut (Captain....otherwise known as the guy that drew the shortest straw)
  2.  Happy
  3.  Eggshell 
  4.  Avidnwoutdoorsman
  5.  Guesswho
  6.  West Augusta
  7.  Randy6471
  8.  Reflexl
  9.  Rapscallion Vermilion
10.  TauntoHawk
11.  Crow
12.  Timberjack86

...Other teams:  Be AFRAID,...very, very AFRAID!!

turkey harvester

2022 Team Strut Stoppers

1. Turkey harvester
2. Huckleberry91
3. dzsmith
4. Turkeyman
5.  birdman67
6.  MDTOM84
7.  wvhoyt19
8.  aclawrence
9   Dmason3
10. fmf

Rest will come when I hear back from others.
Any members from last year that want to be on the team again, shoot me a message.
TURKEY NUT CUSTOM STRIKERS- Jeffrey Thompson-Owner.  Kathleen,GA
Hunt with your kids, not for them.

Hunt with your kids, not for them.


2022 Killer B's

1. Skimerhorn
2. Meleagris Gallopavo
3. Yoder409
4. Zsully
5. Delmar ODonnell
6. Hoosier2
7. Twyatt
8. A_jabbo
9. Mossyguy
11. Tom007
12. Harleytom


The Limbhangers 2022 all aboard!

1.  Big Jeremy
2.  chbarnha
3.  Chuck1443
4.  Dublelung  (team captain)
5.  eddie234
6.  Hooked on Hooks
7.  MISSISSIPPI Double Beard
8.  MS Boy
9.  nickhrp     
10. Oscar101
11. wchadw
12. Charley B


Quote from: zsully on February 14, 2022, 09:17:08 PM
2022 Killer B's

1. Skimerhorn
2. Meleagris Gallopavo
3. Yoder409
4. Zsully
5. Delmar ODonnell
6. Hoosier2
7. Twyatt
8. A_jabbo
9. Mossyguy
11. Tom007
12. Harleytom

Is it too late to get on my regular team of Killer B's?


                  Team Scattered Flock                                                                                                                           

1. JeffC
2. Spellnj3
3. notsure
4. VA Gobble Addict
5. AppalachianHollers
6. austinc
7. Spladle160
8. HillclimberWV
9. tanna114
10. muzzy61
11. lacire
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