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Season Recap

Started by Turkeyman, June 06, 2021, 12:38:01 PM

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I hunted 16 days with the gun, 5 days with the bow...all in the month of May in NY. I never had a no-gobble day although on a few days the gobbles were off-property so I was snookered. My biggest problem was henned up toms. They would gobble like crazy wanting me to join them but would then go off with the hens which, naturally, were heading away from me. When I finally lowered the hammer it was because I set up in the dark amidst their roost area. When the hens flew down I was fortunate enough to swing them my direction with a nice tom following them.

I did have a misfire for the first time ever which cost me a bird, but it ere what it ere! What is your season assessment/recap?


Not sure how many days I hunted this year. Started my season in georgia, which was pretty terrible then hunted in Texas where I unfortunately missed on my only opportunity. After that I hunted my home state of Kentucky where I killed both my birds pretty early on with some great hunts. Next up was Indiana where I killed a public land double with a buddy. Again, an awesome hunt. After being tagged out in Indiana and Kentucky I headed to Ohio for a couple days between work sets and managed to find and call a whole flock in and kill a really nice gobbler. After that I mostly hunted around home with my wife and some friends but was able to head to West Virginia for the last 3 days of season where I managed to kill another really nice bird with my cousin and wife with me. After that my dad and I headed to Wisconsin for their last season but unfortunately had to cut the trip short and come home after only 2 mornings of hunting. All in all I had a really fun season. Working a swing shift allows me to hunt quite a bit. Next year I'll be looking to do a little bit more traveling and less hunting around home. There's just something about hunting new ground for me

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