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Author Topic: Browning Bps 10 gauge  (Read 10162 times)

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Re: Browning Bps 10 gauge
« Reply #75 on: February 09, 2024, 07:25:15 PM »
I could have swore I posted patterns last spring but I did hunt with gun and I have decided to send it away here in a month or so and have it cerakoted in a distressed finish, I have a few guns away right now being cerakoted and got to speaking with the guy this afternoon, and I like the idea of the whole gun being cerakoted, and I will be using a red dot when I get it back and I will be rolling my own shells for gun.

 It won't be for this season as I spent close to $1000 dollars on components and tss for other gauges and figure I will start with the 20 gauge and for next spring be ready and setup with custom 10 gauge tss rolled shells. I am not rushing the setup as this gun isnt going anywhere and it is just a gun I will use a few days a season and maybe a day or so every fall but the older I get, the pickier I get and the wrap just feels cheap and I like the look of the distressed cerakote on the whole gun