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Hats! Get your hats!

Started by Big Jeremy, May 05, 2021, 06:10:14 PM

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Big Jeremy

Most of us are in a text thread and are aware of this, but I am getting some hats made with "LIMBHANGERS" embroidered on them. Cost after I get them and shipped to each of you should be right at $15 a hat. I ordered 24 of them, so there will be enough for each of us to get at least 2 hats if you want them. Please post here if you want one, and how many. When they come in (will likely be a couple weeks) I will get with everyone to get funds and addresses to send them out!


I'll just take 1. I do a pretty good job of not losing my hats


I'll take 2 , I'll definitely forget where I put 1

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MISSISSIPPI Double beard

I'll take one, thank you Jeremy.
They call him...Kenny..Kenny


I'll take one

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I'll do 2

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Put me down for 2 for sure

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Shoot em in the pecker.... you know the beak

Luigi Daniele

Am I missing where the pics are posted?