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Author Topic: A step by step guide to mouth call making  (Read 2253 times)

Offline GobbleNut

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Re: A step by step guide to mouth call making
« Reply #30 on: November 24, 2021, 10:01:55 AM »
Thought I would run this back up to the top now that we can see the light at the end of the long tunnel between spring gobbler seasons.  ;D

For those turkey hunters out there that are considering starting to make their own calls, this would be a good time to start rounding up materials and beginning to sort out the call making process.  I thought I would give a little guidance on how to get started (and since Christmas is coming up, this might be a good time to hint to somebody that this would be a good present for an aspiring turkey hunter... :) )

To start, here is a basic list of the ingredients you would need to order to get started.  You need to order call frames, calls tapes, and reed material/latex.
There are a few suppliers of these items, but I will refer to Pioneer products (no, I don't have any connection to them,...just have used their products since day one... others here may recommend other sources for these products)

Call frames:  I would suggest ordering 50 small frames (crowned, adhesive) as a starter.  Cost is $7.50 for 50 frames. 
   (This size frame is sort of a "one size fits all" alternative for the "average" mouth size, whether your palate is smaller or larger than average)

Call tapes:  Order 50 tapes in whatever color you prefer.  For the frames above, you would get the "pioneer hole tape".  Cost is $7.50 for 50 tapes.

Latex/Reed material:  I would order several thicknesses/colors of latex/proph.  Here's my suggestion from Pioneer as a "starter pack":
   Natural (or green) latex in .0025 thickness:  (come in 1X2 inch pieces).  Cost is $10 for 100 pieces
   Natural (or green, or black) in .003 thickness:                                       Cost is $10 for 100 pieces
   Gray, red, or yellow in .004                                                                  Cost is $10 for 100 pieces

Your total investment for materials to make 50 calls (and have the reed material left over for a bunch more) is $45.00 plus shipping
(if you order 100 frames and tapes, you should have enough materials for 100 calls for $60.00 plus shipping cost)

If you invest in a call making jig or press, you will obviously add a considerable cost factor there.  HOWEVER, you do not need any sort of jig or press to make mouth calls.  You can make them easily with the following additional tools (which you probably already have laying around the house):
a roll of scotch tape
a pair of sharp-pointed scissors
a small hammer/mallet (or similar tool for sealing the frames)
a flat surface that the scotch tape will stick to

That's all you need to start making your own mouth calls.  Now, if there ends up being enough interest expressed here in the call-making process without using a jig or press, I will try to put something together like Ben (compton30) did to show the process.


Offline compton30

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Re: A step by step guide to mouth call making
« Reply #31 on: December 08, 2021, 11:04:17 AM »
Great post, Jim. That's really all a person needs to make a high quality call. Now if I could just tell myself that whenever I go to order new materials...

I'll tell ya, once you read about how many calls you can make for under 100 bucks, it really makes it difficult to buy one for 10+ dollars apiece.

Offline Tarheel

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Re: A step by step guide to mouth call making
« Reply #32 on: December 13, 2021, 11:26:07 AM »
Thank you for the tutorial...and the instructive comments....