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Author Topic: How’s everyone’s season going?  (Read 5772 times)

Offline notsure

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Re: How’s everyone’s season going?
« Reply #45 on: May 28, 2021, 05:41:11 PM »
Well guys, it’s that time of year again. My seasons' (MN, WI) have come and gone (actually, I'm about three weeks late posting this).  The WI monkey remains firmly attached to my back, as yet again, close but no cigar.  But that's what keeps us coming back!  Anyway, thanks for sharing your spring turkey season with me this year, and I look forward to teaming up with you guys again in 2022. 

P.S. I'm posting a picture of my buddy’s gobbler he bagged in WI this season.  Because we live in stupid times, I've blurred out his face.

Offline GobbleNut

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Re: How’s everyone’s season going?
« Reply #46 on: May 29, 2021, 10:14:43 AM »
Well, it's all over for me, too.  Final report is two gobblers harvested here in NM and a big zero for the other states I hunted this spring.  At this stage of the game, if I make it through the season without and serious mishaps, then it is a moral victory regardless of all else.  I hope everybody else on the SS team (as well as our two behind-the-scenes teammates) can say the same. 

It appears we did pretty well as a "last minute", thrown-together squad in the contest.  I hope everybody enjoyed participating.  Best wishes to all of you in the off-season.  It will be a long wait until next year! 

Offline avidnwoutdoorsman

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Re: How’s everyone’s season going?
« Reply #47 on: November 17, 2021, 11:06:58 AM »
So the wife to this point has had the longest break from the kids of maybe 2 days once. I’ve taken them out for the majority of the day a few times but Mom has always been Mom. I’ve offered and offered and offered to give her a break but she won’t take me up on it so I forced the issue a little this past weekend with other plans falling through. My twin girls, lab, and I packed up and headed to a friends next to our property. I have 84acres of bare land to build on here soon in prime hunting hills of NE Washington and our friends have 260 on which they recently finished their forever home. These friend have a 30 something foot trailer with quad bunks that makes it almost like staying at an airBnB. I take every chance I get to take my girls out of the city I can and this would be no different. We had a blast! On the way over in conjunction with a strategically located diaper change I put their ear muffs on and turned the dog loose. We took a little walk no more then 400 yards where we jumped one pheasant I missed and a second I dropped. The girls were not hot about the gun shots but loved the “pretty bird”. This was cool. First time I’ve intentionally taken them out. It was short and sweet. Something we can build on that is for sure which was the goal. We continued on and had a great weekend. Saturday morning after giving the girls there milk and I visiting my truck for my morning Rockstar (energy drink) I noticed the local flock just up the hill. This flock had three albinos to start, at this time 2 albinos, and I was asked to make it 1 albino as the friend also does some natural earth healing rock waving retreats at their home. The friend asked if I could get one of the albinos so that she could work the feathers in with her retreats. Letting the birds crest the hill and making sure the girls were plenty busy playing I made an ambush move on the birds. Allowed 4 birds in the fall I knew going up the hill that it was likely this flock would be so tight I was going to likely take two birds with one shot, which is exactly what happened. I was ok with that and somewhat planning for it. I took a clean shot on the Albino with a wounding shot to a near bird that was quickly followed up with a clear second shot as the birds scattered from the commotion of me topping the hill and shooting. Unbelievable weekend with the girls and a really cool take on an Albino Jake. I’m rooting for the last one to make it to spring though they never have. We get an albino in the area every other year or so. This was the first time to have 3. Have been watching them since poults. There are no known domestic birds remotely close nor has there been for as long as locals can remember. It’s a present recessive gene that has been observed in this flock for almost a decade now.

The pheasant

Both Turkeys

The cape for a friend

Checking cameras and playing on the property

Hope y'all are having a good Fall!

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