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Top Scoring Bird

Started by zelmo1, April 12, 2021, 10:38:06 AM

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This is for our team contest for highest scoring bird. I have some 3" osage pots with a black anodized aluminum playing surface I am working on that look really nice. Would you be interested if you get the biggest bird. Everyone gets a vote here. These will sell out quickly, so if the majority say yes, I will hold one out. I will not vote because I already have one, lol. Al 


I will vote yes. That is dang nice if you to do that Al. I been meaning to post up mine from last year, that was super nice of you.


Well I have the latest season in Maine so it keeps me interested all season. You guys are killers, I need to step up my game. I love making calls and it gives me a rush when someone kills a bird using my calls. I am like a little kid, lol. Al


this is a very generous offer to keep 1 back, so if the person who kills the biggest bird dont want to buy it does the offer go to the 2nd biggest.


Very generous of you Al, Its your call but I'd like a shot at it. So I'd vote yes. I really like the call I got from you last year and hope to kill a bird with it this year.


Not for sale, lol. I am donating it to our team


kind of you to donate the call Al.  Come to think of it, that's a way better trophy than the OG team contest. 

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I am trying to win it myself


I vote yes and promise to take it easy on you guys this year. Lol. Wait...I didn't even shoot a bird last season...lol
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very generous of you, thanks for the chance.