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Author Topic: Changing things up  (Read 614 times)

Offline wvmntnhick

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Changing things up
« on: March 08, 2021, 06:01:10 AM »
Looking to possibly snag a 410. Not certain it’s going to happen this year or not. Been looking at a few options but can’t decide which way to go. I know that Tristar makes a semi automatic that guys rave about. Mossberg has their 410 turkey model that’s threaded and they’ve got the SA410 (not certain if it’s threaded). Then there’s some of the single shot/double barrel stuff like the Steven’s 301 and the Yildiz offerings. Just looking for input from a couple of you that have used the 410 before I go sinking money into one. I’ll likely not use it much but would like to have it around for my girls. Might be ahead to just have the one I’ve got threaded and call it a good day. Let me know your thoughts.

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