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turkeys for tomorrow

Tell us the truth, the whole truth and whatever...

Started by FullChoke, March 02, 2021, 02:21:55 PM

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Hello teammates!

Every years we pull together a diverse group of folks with varied backgrounds and at least one important commonality between us all: Drooling, feverish madmen who LOVE to feed gobbling nightmares a dose of yellow shotgun shells. Our team has always prided ourselves in a strong sense of comradery and support for the ups and downs that this warped sport is known for.

Take a few minutes to introduce yourself, tell us what you do and how you chose to go against all the widespread misinformation that anything less than a honking 12 gauge shotgun in the spring woods was sheer foolishness. (We know better!)

Cheers  ;D


Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.


My name is Norman Sisson and I live in Madison, MS just north of the capital city of Jackson. My wonderful wife and I have been married for right at 41 years and have raised 2 beautiful, strong and talented daughters who are out on their own. I have been chasing turkeys on and off since the spring of 1974 when I was at college at Mississippi State University. During the day I am a computer designer with an environmental engineering firm, and an artist at night working in graphite, acrylics, watercolors, sculpture and now digital graphics. I am a 2 time world champion of the wingbone yelper division of the Grand National NWTF Turkey Call Competition, but I have had to quit making them due to aging eyesight.

I started hunting with a 20 gauge after I won an NWTF Edition Remington 870 Express at our local banquet. I will be shooting Federal TSS 9's this year. I have had some very good patterns with them in the past. I can usually be found annoying and educating gobblers on public and private lands here in central Mississippi.

Cheers  ;D


Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.


My name is Al Baker. I was born in and live in Southeastern NH. I am married and have 3 kids. I started turkey hunting in 2001 in NH and have had the pleasure of being there when my wife and my oldest and youngest killed their first birds. My wife , youngest and I tripled on May 11th 2019, which was the best day of my life, not including children being born or weddings, lol. I was a welder, foreman, gen. foreman and manager of structural repairs at a public shipyard. I now plan and schedule work for the same. I was always a 3.5" Longbeard guy, with my Browning Gold with a Patternmaster Code Black Choke. I have severe arthiritis and 4 broken appendages, this was the catalyst to "trimming down" my gear and weight of my guns. I had an old model 7300 SKB 20 ga and had Briley's thread the barrel and fit up a turkey choke and the rest is history, lol. I have since lost control of that gun, which my dad bought for me in 1981 for xmas, to whoever else in my house goes with me that day. I bought a Stoeger 3020 and sumtoy choke and that is my gun now. I reload TSS for it and my Mossberg SA-28. Grand Slam trip planned for 24/25. Good Luck and God Bless to everyone. Al


Hey guys my name is Scott McDonald and I live in a little town in south west Mississippi. I'm married to a unicorn of a wife and have a daughter that loves to hunt turkeys too. I used a 20ga when I first started hunting a 20ga is all I used, killed my first at 8yrs old. Then when I got older and pear pressure kicked in I had to have a 12ga so I hunted with a 12 for years.  In 2013 a buddy of mine sent me 5 tss shells and told me to try them. Needless to say I've been carrying a 20ga ever since.  I do carry my little 410 every now and then.

Last year I was blessed to get my limit here in MS and was able to make a real spur of the moment trip to Florida and got a bird with my 410.  Then I got hit with the covid. It wasn't fun at all and shut me down for the remainder of the season. I missed my annual road trip and it drove me nuts.
This year Good Lord willing BBR12 and myself will strike out across the north east. Hoping to see some gorgeous country meet some good people and kill a few birds along the way. 

Appreciate the invite back to the team and just want to wish everyone a successful and safe season.

Fun fact: I've opened up a gun shop as a business to enjoy in my spare time from my normal job. I customize Turkey guns and custom load shells.  So if anyone needs or wants anything give me a shout and I'll try to help y'all out.


My name is CJ Broadwater and I am a southern WV transplant, originally from the northern part of the state.  The wife and I have been married for 10 years, no kids but we and by we I mean she has a cat that may as well be a child.  I spend my days slinging pills to pay the bills and steadily dreaming of warm spring mornings.  I started this turkey game in 2007 after I met my wife and soon realized I had a pretty serious addiction on my hands. 

Last year was a pretty rough one for me in WV.  I was getting snowed on, HARD, in the third week of season and due to everyone being off because of COVID my usual VA public land places were overtaken by a pile of hunters.  I have since got myself into a large lease in VA so hopefully the weather will be better, and WV was nice enough to extend our season by 1 week on the back end, which has always been by far the best week for the lease I hunt.

I am happy once again to be part of the northern coalition for our little 20ga army.


Hey guys I'am Dwayne Bailey and i 'am back for i think my 5 year with Norman's bad azz team, I'am married to my childhood sweetheart for 36 years. I just recently retired after 39 years with UPS. So i think i will plenty of time to chase some birds. I also live in Madison MS. and our season starts March 15 and i can't wait. Good luck guys!


my name is chris stigall, this is my first year joining the contest. i just turned 30 a few days ago, i have been turkey hunting for over 20 years. i live in ky and my family has a construction company that i work at so i usually have a few sick days in April haha. turkeys are in my blood, i look forward to chasing spring turkeys all year long. i have been married a little over 8 years, thankfully my wife is very understanding to my hunting addiction. she doesn't plan much during turkey and deer season. i have 1 step son who is 15 and he has been hunting with me since 2013. he killed his first turkey when he was 7 and has been hooked and growing into a very successful hunter ever since.i have been using a 20ga exclusively since 2013 except for 2018 and 2019 when i used my bow. i fixed up a little single shot in 2014 for my stepson to use and between him, my dad and myself we have killed a lot of birds with it, last year i figured my stepson was getting big enough for us both to start packing so i picked up a franchi affinity and changed a few things on it and ended up with 1 of my favorite turkey guns. i used it to take my 50th turkey last year. this year i have been really busy learning how to load my own tss and i have been building my own trumpet calls along with learning how to play a trumpet. i also picked up a tube call to carry this spring just to try and use a couple of calls i have never used. i have been counting the days down since dec and cant wait for it to get here and hopefully i can contribute some help to the team this year.


My name is Jeff and I live in western PA.  Retired at age 60 last year and haven't looked back.  Been married going on 38 years and have been blessed with 3 wonderful kids who are out on their own now.  Got us our first grand young'n last year and I've already bought him one of those new Stevens 410s.  Just needs a little growin up to do is all.  Hope I can be with him when he drops the hammer on his first turkey.   

I'm guessing this is my 5th year with the 20's, but can't say for sure.  What I can say for sure is I am grateful to be part of a first class operation run by Norman as well as first class members.  I've been shooting a basic Remington 1187 in 20 gage for some time now, but recently bought a compact 870 that I tripped over at a local gun shop about a month ago.  It too technically belongs to my 11 month old grandson but he'll let me borrow it in the mean time.  Just hope I can put some good JUJU in it for him. 

Not much more to tell.  Snow has melted here but still have 7 weeks to go.  Good luck to all this year.  Be safe.  Oh, and let's knock the door in on the contest.     

Guns don't kill people.  Guns kill food.


Hi guys! Bill Bongs here from the state of Minnesota. I'm a little late signing into this great team as my computer went down and I am what you would call very computer illiterate!  Anyways, it's great to be back on the Roaring 20's! This my 4th year I believe on the team. I'm a lead foreman at a painting company up here. I tried retirement once but got too bored so went back to work. The company I work for knows I will be gone a lot each spring hunting turkeys, and they are fine with that. Besides, if they said I couldn't go hunting, I would go anyways, and they know it!   I'm married with 2 grown kids and 6 grand kids. I've got 2 tags in SD along with tags in MN., WI., and MI. this year. This Covid crap isn't going to stop me this year! Hopefully I can contribute to are teams tally once again this year. Good luck this year to all my teammates this year and hunt safe!


Hey guys Bradley Reid from S. Mississippi. I'm a little late to the party.  I work shift work and burn almost all of my vacation and holidays to turkey hunt. This is my second year on the Roaring 20's and I enjoyed it tremendously last year. If nothing comes up I have 3 OOS trips planned and a week starting tomorrow to hunt my home turf. I have 2 boys that are both doing a little hunting with me. The oldest hasn't cared to hunt the last few years but he is showing interest this year so trying to get him on a bird. I hope I can contribute to the team again this year, I can guarantee you I will be worn out trying if I don't.