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Jake yelps

Started by 3chunter, February 19, 2021, 11:44:19 AM

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What's your quick tips for jake yelps?

I have been calling for 23 or so years and just getting to practicing Jake yelps. Right now I ain't even half way there. 


Fall turkey hunting DVD by Denny Gulvas...

He goes into detail on jake & gobbler talk...

His number (814) 371-6555...

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If you start with two or three fast yelps and slow down with each following yelp, at the same time, decreasing volume, you'll sound real as far as cadence.
Start with higher tongue pressure for first note then relax pressure.
I always think, "sound dumb". Draw out notes.

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Greg Massey

Roger Parks makes one of the best Jake / gobbler yelp calls ... Go to Youtube and watch his seminar he did at Uncioi this past year about Gobbler yelps ... Search Unicoi for his seminar ...


I am with you and have been using mouth calls for a long time. I have been somewhat successful with the other suggestions people have made with other mouth calls but recently bought a Denny Gulvas 4 reed runner mouth call. The call is advertised as old adult hen yelp. In a day I sounded good, jake yelp good. I have an app on my phone called Turkey Tech and it allows you to record your calling and compare it to actual turkey talk. I can honestly say it sounded spot on. The Gulvas call and slower draw I can accomplish the sound.