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NC opener

Started by flyrod444, April 06, 2016, 06:45:23 AM

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My son was able to get his first turkey this past Saturday on N.C. youth opening day. I picked up a decoy that allowed me to put a real fan on it and placed it out in the edge of a field with a hen decoy and set up a blind about 15 yards away on the edge of the field in some thick stuff. Three toms walked out into the field about an hour after daylight. I made a few calls and got one to answer and they all started our direction. When they saw the decoy with the hen decoy they ran the last 80 yards and gave him a great shot. 10 inch beard and spurs just over one inch long and it ate very well.


That's awesome!!! Congrats to you both!


Congrats to you both on a beautiful bird and the time spent together. :icon_thumright: Thanks for sharing it with us.

Call 'em close, It's the most fun you'll ever have doing the right thing.


Awesome. Congrats to you both



Congrats young man!!