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Author Topic: Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Shocker 52" Mossy Oak Obsession Turkey Shotgun Case  (Read 111 times)

Offline Sir-diealot

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Review of the Allen Gear Fit Pursuit Shocker 52" Mossy Oak Obsession Turkey Shotgun Case

I bought this case because I have been in a few car accidents and I do not have the greatest balance so I carry my gun to my blind in the case. I liked that I would be able to bring extra calls with me each morning as I headed out and also extra strikers. Well unfortunately the strikers as you can see by my picture do not fit. I own close to 100 strikers (Yea I am that guy) I  thought if I really worked at it I could get the striker pouches to close on the bottom two (Though I am sure the strikers would fall out as they barely closed) but the top one is completely useless, all three are made way to short and way to narrow for any striker I have ever seen. Another complaint is that the case is not camouflaged all the way around, the back side is an olive drab color as seen in my pictures.

I have to say that I did like all the pockets that this has but the one big mistake they made is a really major one in my mind, they used Velcro on a few of the pockets. Imagine trying to get a call out without a turkey hearing that and busting you, forget about it! There is also Velcro on the back pocket that is designed to hold extra choke tubes (I used them to carry extra shells putting two shells in each loop) and is unnecessary as there is already a plastic buckle and a zipper so no need for the turkey scaring Velcro.

On the pocket that holds the shortbox/box call there is yet again more turkey scaring Velcro, a buckle would have been much better or even a zipper that opened carefully would not make nearly as much noise as the turkey scaring Velcro.

All that said the case is well padded, I do carry a scoped shotgun and there was plenty of room in the case and I do feel that the scope had sufficient padding to protect it. 

The one place they used Velcro that I agree with is on the removeable measuring tape, very nice to use to see how long the spurs and beard are after you have taken your turkey.

This is a case with many good ideas with poor execution. By the way if you happen to have already bought the case and are thinking of buying the matching sling or are just thinking of getting the sling don't, it is rather noisy, both where it attaches to the gun and the material on the back/inside of the sling are noisy and I had to remove it when I got to where I was going the few times I did go in without the case.
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