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Trumpets / Wingbones Forum / Re: Acrylic swirl....
« Last post by gobblers roost on Today at 02:53:21 PM »
Gosh dang it that's purdy, I'm  looking for acrylic this time.
Trumpets / Wingbones Forum / Re: John Dangerfield
« Last post by Sir-diealot on Today at 02:52:46 PM »
He's gonna get that respect making calls like that. :D
General Forum / Re: If you had to chose..
« Last post by Sir-diealot on Today at 02:50:36 PM »
I had better do it from daylight till noon or I am going to jail.
General Forum / Re: Hen with a beard & spurs
« Last post by Haypatch on Today at 02:48:39 PM »
I've seen several bearded hen's but never a spurred hen!! Thats very unique!!
I would like to sell or trade my Danner Men's 41550 Vital 8" Waterproof Hunting Boot, Brown - 12 EE for a Clay Townsend* Bronzed Glass pot call in Osage. 140.00 plus shipping if sold. I am open to other trades, I would love a Billy Buice Trumpet but I do not know if I am asking for a fair trade because I do not know what he gets for them. Also interested in a Pat Strawser 2 sider blue deucel in Blue Mahoe. Curtis Terrells Cow Horn Yelper maybe others. Anyway thanks for looking.

I paid $172.75 for these but I have foot problems and they did not work out. (I hate mail order footware) There is no problem with the boots, I wore them into the woods one time (Carried them out because they hurt my left foot to bad) I was in a car wreck in 88 and have problems with my feet, had the same problem with some Vapormax hunting boots a few years ago, right foot fits like a dream left foot was a midevil torture device. Same problem with these. Felt fine in the house but when I walked outside with them it was just horrible because of my foot problems on the left side.

Trumpets / Wingbones Forum / Acrylic swirl....
« Last post by Daryl on Today at 02:42:15 PM »
Acrylic / Juma MP. Thanks for looking

WTB - Wanted Adds / Re: WTB 3 rounds 10ga Turkey Shells
« Last post by CALLM2U on Today at 02:41:56 PM »
Probably be cheaper just to buy a box when you figure in shipping and stuff.. You can get Federal or Winchester under $30 a box.
That would give you 10 rounds, enough for patterning and hunting,then give your buddy the rest as a thank you for the loan of the gun.


This is an outstanding suggestion!
Turkey Call Classifieds / Re: Hen Box Vaule Inquiry..
« Last post by Tom007 on Today at 02:33:07 PM »
I don’t know, but that’s real nice….
General Forum / Re: If you had to chose..
« Last post by sswv on Today at 02:31:44 PM »
can't hunt evenings where I live so the choice is easy for me. daylight till noon
General Forum / Re: If you had to chose..
« Last post by GobbleNut on Today at 02:23:56 PM »
Noting eggshell's strategy and explanation, I will concur and add that I would also be applying for a spot in the nearest witness protection program as added insurance.   ;D

Now, if I was to be serious for a moment, although that is not my natural state of being, I would definitely go with the morning program (and maybe fudge beyond that noon cut-off if needed).  I have reached the point over my many decades of turkey hunting that I rarely have the energy or desire to expend much effort to kill a gobbler in the afternoon, although I have done so "as was necessary".   

However, if it was a "kill or be killed" imperative, I probably would adjust my increasingly lackadaisical attitude a might.  In addition, one can always fall back on that Jimmy Buffett/Alan Jackson song "it's always morning somewhere",...or was that "five o'clock"?...   :angel9:   ;D
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