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Lovett Williams – Real Turkeys

August 19th, 2010



Lovett Williams and his work needs no introduction ,Lovetts extensive field work , literature, and recordings are a invaluable contribution to Wild Turkeys and the hunting of them-What more could be said about having recordings of actual Wild Turkeys to learn to be a greater caller – Lovetts Books are Guaranteed to make you more knowledgeable on the subject of Wild Turkeys -  recommended for every turkey hunter  -

Audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs of real wild turkey calls include the following: Lost Whistle • Assembly Yelp • Kee-Kee • Plain Cluck • Rattling • Tree Yelp • Roost Pitting • Cutting • Loud Clucking • Gobble • Feeding Call • Kee-kee-run • Cackle • Lost Yelp • Hatching Yelp • Alarm Putt • Putt-purring • Aggressive Purring • Gould’s Gobbling • Ocellated Mating Call. All examples of calls are actual recordings  of calling by wild turkeys recorded in the wild

The perfect gift for any turkey hunter -

Feel free to contact him via pm of to directly contact him his  
Phone # is : (352) 543-9530


Custom Wingbone Turkey Yelpers
Handmade by Lovett Williams

Lovett has been making  and hunting with yelpers for as long as most people can remember , it has is a common sight for a few decades now to see him at conventions with a entire table of his beautiful books and recordings right along side along side his exquisitely hand made yelpers ,and he sure does know how to use them . Lovett will even hand make you a custom wingbone turkey yelpers from your own trophy , contact him for details .

All yelpers are inscribed with the signature of Lovett Williams and supplied with an adjustable rubber lip guide and how-to-use instructions. In addition, the Osceola is labeled “Osceola” and shipped with a braided lanyard and signed certificate of authenticity. The Hermit is labeled “The Hermit”, is serially numbered, and is shipped with a certificate and braided lanyard in a fine walnut presentation box.

Pappy’s Calls

August 19th, 2010

Give Pappy a hollar if you want you want a one of a kind , custom call !! Pappy is first class !!!! 

You can contact Pappy at paw.paw.jack@sbcglobal.net  or pappy@pappyscalls.com or drop him a call at 1-573-688-2306 He will be glad to answer any questions or discuss any special call questions 

                                           2009 – AWARDS

2nd place Amature Class Working Duck Call “Open” Pacific Flyway Callmakers Competition

2nd place “Natural Wood” Division Duck Call Callmakers & Collectors Association of America Reelfoot Working Call Contest

2010 – AWARDS

Outstanding Rookie Callmaker of the Year Grand National ( Midwest ) Call Competition ( Brickwork Trumpet Call )

1st Place Grand National ( Midwest ) Call Competition Appleton Wisconsin

4th Place Grand National (Midwest) Call Competition in the”open” Pot Call Division

2nd Place Southeastern NWTF Call Competition Duck/Goose Division with the Detonator

3rd Place Southeastern NWTF Call Competition “open”  Pot Call

Four Rookie Honorable Mention Ribbons (two) from the Midwest Grand National Competition and (two) from the Nationals NWTF Call Competition in Nashville Tennessee


Pure Death Pinnacle !!!by Supreme Turkey Calls

April 3rd, 2009

PURE DEATH ! thats no joke these this call is worth every penny, give Steve Reeves a hollar (478) 741-1542 I have one and it drives gobblrs insane with lust

This is a Pure Death body made from a solid surface material called Pinnacle. It is similar to Corian countertop material. It’s as hard as a rock, has a crystal playing surface on top and the soundboard has been laser engraved with original art of a Rio Grande turkey. It has slate on the back and both sound chambers are separate. Each call includes two strikers.
Reeves started producing slate and box turkey calls over a decade ago. “I wasn’t happy with what you could buy,” he says. “Once I got them to sound good, I thought I might as well make ‘em look good.”,


April 3rd, 2009


April 3rd, 2009

Buckner Custom Calls is a family operated custom call business. We have a shop in Forest City, North Carolina, where we make every call, by hand, one at a time. The calls are made by Bob Buckner and his son, Michael. We strive to make every call the best it can possibly be to help you have a better chance of bagging whatever game you are after.




Jackpine Jezebel

February 1st, 2009

Scott specializes in a unique Western style of artistry from Terrapin slate calls , renowned juniper fence post calls , holsters, gunracks &more –

   To see some more examples of Scott’s unique turkey call craftmanship stop by

Jackpine Jezebel Turkey Calls
G.Scott Goodman
P.O. Box 848, Three Forks, Mt. 59752
406) 285-5219

Smokey’s custom Calls

February 1st, 2009



Here is a fine example of a cane yelper hand crafted by Smokey McCutcheon A.K.A. as S.C.C on the OldGobbler.com forum he makes many types of uniquely crafted turkey calls are crafted with pride,and sound full of turkey, please feel free to give him a hollar , you wont be dissapointed -

#423-384-0563 home # 423-348-1541
ADD: Smokey McCutcheon

Harmon Den Calls

February 1st, 2009

Here is a sample of some of the fine work Chris of Harmonden calls can do !!  His calls sound even better than they look ! Chris specializes in exotic surfaces and woods and he will hand craft you a call that will be a prized killing tool.Please feel free to contact him on the OldGobbler.com forum his forum profile is harmondencalls or email him at  harmondengamecalls@yahoo.com

Chris Jones
307 Harmon st
Phone #  (217) 733-2862

Magnolia Game Calls BINGO GAME

October 25th, 2008
www.oldgobbler.com (Turkey Hunting Forum Board)
Magnolia Game Calls BINGO GAME (Football Style)
Follow this link for more detailed info and you could win this beautiful custom call!  Registration is FREE to join.


A-J Custom Calls

June 9th, 2008

A Superb Quality Made Call!!

Item: Custom Glass Call & Striker
Manufacturer: A-J Custom Calls
Where to purchase: A-JCalls.net
Weight: less than 1 pound
Cost: visit website or contact owner for prices


This pot call has a 1/2 frosted glass, that you can look down into and see a real turkey feather and Andy’s signature.  The rosewood striker with a Padauk inlay is a peice of artwork. 
If you are looking to get your own custom pot call, make sure to visit A-J Calls
A – J Calls
12 Dulles Drive East
Camp Hill , PA 17011


 contact us at support@oldgobbler.com or visit www.oldgobbler.com today

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